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By Michael A. Dritschel

This memoir initiates a version theory-based learn of the numerical radius norm. Guided via the summary version idea of Jim Agler, the authors suggest a decomposition for operators that's really beneficial in figuring out their homes with admire to the numerical radius norm. Of the subjects amenable to research with those instruments, the subsequent are awarded: an entire description of the linear severe issues of the $n\times n$ matrix (numerical radius) unit ball; numerous an identical characterizations of matricial extremals within the unit ball; that's, these individuals which don't permit a nontrivial extension last within the unit ball; and, purposes to numerical levels of matrices, together with an entire parameterization of all matrices whose numerical levels are closed disks.In addition, an particular development for unitary 2-dilations of unit ball individuals is given, Ando's characterization of the unit ball is extra constructed, and a examine of operators gratifying $ A - \textnormal {Re} (e^{i\theta}A)\geq zero$ for all $\theta$ is initiated.

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