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Others claim that Harold is the leopard, a 21 CHAPTER 2 liar and cheat who cannot change his spots. There are even some who say that the leopard/fox is William, and the whole story was inserted by patriotic British workers who wanted to resist the Norman invasion. The one thing everybody seems to agree on is that the cheese is England. Still, this tiny little patch of cloth gives us just the three ideas we want to work with in the three sections of this chapter. First of all, we have everything we need to set the scene, create the characters, and pose the story problem.

In T. Hedge, N. Andon, and M. ) English Language Teaching, Vol. III, pp. 81-89. London and New York: Routledge. K. (2012). Language evolving: Some systemic functional reflections on the history of meaning. Plenary, 37th International Congress on Systemic Functional Linguistics. University of British Columbia. Martin, B. (1967). Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Illustrated by Eric Carle). New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. F. (1995). Getting the Most from Predictable Books: Strategies and activities for teaching with more than 75 favorite children’s books.

And waves a hand. Our teacher then brings his hands to his chest, gesturing: “I’m Mr. ” Notice—three different threes! Three intonation patterns: (Which is DOWN? Which is UP? Which is UP-DOWN? ) Three lexicogrammatical patterns: (Which is a whole clause? Which is not? ) Three speech functions: (Which is GETTING ATTENTION? Which is GETTING INFORMATION? ) From the teacher’s point of view (but not necessarily from the child’s point of view), there are three different strata, or levels, of language.

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