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I find Sabbath when I swim, particularly at the lake. Sabbath shifts my relationship to time, or said so poignantly by Jewish theologian Abraham Heschel, “Sabbath celebrates time rather than space…to turn from the results of creation to the mystery of creation” (1951/2005, p. xviii). I lay on my back doing the back-stroke gazing at the changing clouds in the sky. Cedar and green immerse my sight, and dragonflies sometimes swarm in the air. If I am particularly lucky, an eagle will fly ahead and I go into astonishment.

As a child, my attention was brought 31 CHAPTER 3 to the outrageous colour of cooking with eggplant and pepper, parsley and onions. It was as if each plant was contributing to a gourmet feast. Beneath the skin of plum black is what I now call eggplant, and many poems have come out of what I thought was uninteresting as a child. The small beauties of daily life still infuse my body and soul. I thankfully have passed that to my three sons. Here is one of those poems I wrote dedicated to my mother.

A difficult task for a very active woman who already had a lively four-year old. The care of my twins in my womb was of the utmost priority, so I followed the instructions of my doctor. As you can imagine, I’m not always good at following instructions. Here I began to listen to my body in a new way – on a deeper level, to the actual beats inside my body. Through that process I came to understand that it was not only important for my babies’ health that I get rest, but I and the many parts of me – artist, scholar, and mother – also needed rest.

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