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With the subject imitating him, Sherman was able to introduce new responses into the subject's repertoire, first by introducing new motor responses and subsequently verbal responses leading to the reinstatement of speech. To demonstrate that contingent reinforcement was the essential element in the reinstatement Sherman used a within-subject reversal of procedure (Sidman, i960). Initially this involved sessions where reinforcement was contingent upon speech, followed by sessions where reinforcement was not contingent upon speech, and finally concluding with sessions of contingent reinforcement.

The critical phase of her recovery appeared to occur when Sechehaye fed her apples as a mother feeds a baby at her breast. Her mutism was regarded as a regression to pre-speech stages, and the giving of apples symbolized non-rejection by the patient's mother. The degree of success with Knight's and Sechehaye's patients was exceptional. Both patients successfully passed through university after treatment, and Sechehaye's patient published two works on her research in botany. One criticism of these two studies is that they dealt with cases of acute schizophrenia where spontaneous recovery is not uncommon, and this may explain the successful results; further, there were no control procedures.

This subject attended group therapy sessions and during one session the experimenter, accidentally dropping a packet of chewing gum, noticed that the subject's eyes moved towards the gum. This eye movement was thus chosen as the first link in a shaping programme and the gum was chosen as a reinforcer. First, the subject was reinforced for looking up, then for moving his mouth and, upon the emergence of a croaking sound, this REINFORCEMENT TECHNIQUES 35 vocalization was shaped by reinforcement, closer and closer to the sound 'gum*.

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