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By Byung-Gyu Kim, Kalyan Goswami

This booklet discusses intimately the fundamental algorithms of video compression which are normal in smooth video codec. The authors dissect advanced requirements and current fabric in a fashion that will get readers fast in control by way of describing video compression algorithms succinctly, with out going to the mathematical information and technical necessities. For sped up studying, hybrid codec constitution, inter- and intra- prediction options in MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, and HEVC are mentioned jointly. moreover, the most recent examine within the quickly encoder layout for the HEVC and H.264/AVC can be included.

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The trade-off between source fidelity and coding rate is exactly the rate-distortion trade-off [1]. For a given system, source, and all possible quantization choices, we can plot each distortion achieved by the encoder/decoder pair for different rate values. This is generally called operational rate-distortion curve. A conceptual operational ratedistortion curve is shown in Fig. 1. Now, in this curve a boundary is always present to distinguish the best achievable operating points and suboptimal or unachievable points.

Now the algorithm for the filtering decision is shown in Fig. 12 as a flowchart. 3 Filter Implementation When a normal deblocking filter is selected, then one or two samples are modified from block P or Q based on some conditions. On the other hand, the strong deblocking filter is applied to smooth flat areas where artifacts are more visible. This filtering mode modifies three samples from the block boundary and enables strong low-pass filtering. 2 Sample Adaptive Offset Sample adaptive offset is the second-level in-loop filtering in the HEVC which attenuates the ringing artifacts.

Bilinear interpolation technique is used here to obtain the value of the projected reference sample using two closest reference samples located at integer position [2]. 264/AVC. IntraDC prediction uses an average value of reference samples which are present in the immediate left and the above of the block to be predicted. On the other hand, the average values of two linear predictions using four corner reference samples are used in intra-planar prediction to prevent discontinuities along the block boundaries.

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