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By S.P. Novikov, A.T. Fomenko

One provider arithmetic has rendered the 'Et moi, ..., si j'avait su remark en revenir, je n'y serais element aile.' human race. It has placed logic again Jules Verne the place it belongs, at the topmost shelf subsequent to the dusty canister labelled 'discarded n- sense'. The sequence is divergent; hence we are able to do whatever with it. Eric T. Bell O. Heaviside Matht"natics is a device for inspiration. A hugely worthwhile software in an international the place either suggestions and non linearities abound. equally, every kind of elements of arithmetic seNe as instruments for different elements and for different sciences. utilizing an easy rewriting rule to the quote at the correct above one unearths such statements as: 'One carrier topology has rendered mathematical physics .. .'; 'One provider common sense has rendered com puter technological know-how .. .'; 'One carrier type concept has rendered arithmetic .. .'. All arguably precise. And all statements accessible this manner shape a part of the raison d'etre of this sequence.

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Those notes encompass elements: chosen in York 1) Geometry, New 1946, issues collage Notes Peter Lax. via Differential within the 2) Lectures on Stanford Geometry huge, 1956, Notes J. W. collage by way of grey. are right here without crucial They reproduced swap. Heinz used to be a mathematician who mathema- Hopf famous vital tical rules and new mathematical situations.

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2 G(t), t +I is bounded for every t E R and continuous at t = 0 too. 16) with Go(t) [Ga]. 16). Thus it can be represented explicitly too. 18) 58 I. 19) x < 0, where m is a real number. 18), when the kernels have the form K1 (x - t) +K2(X +t), K1 (x) ¥= K2(X), is investigated only in the sense of solvability [GC]. If m = it is classical Wiener-Hopf equation and thus can be solved explicitly. We will see that in the cases m = ±1 it can also be solved explicitly. In applications we will have precisely these cases.

Thus if B is constant, then it must be real. , if B is constant, its real part must be zero. Thus for holomorphic functions, the class of domains for which the symmetric principle of reflection is justified is wider than for generalized holomorphic functions. That is why many BVP that are solved in quadratures for holomorphic functions are impossible to solve for generalized holomorphic functions. 21) y < 0. 1) if B is a real constant. 17) can be written as 2. BVP for Generalized Holomorphic Functions Q+(t) - Q-(t) = 2f(t), t E 31 R.

6) we have Rei i i I ii i w -ag dt = lim Rei wwdt = lim Re r at 8---+0 re 8---+0 n Re i r wet)dt = -2Rew(z), - re t - z ag 1 w(t)dt w - dt = lim Re - - = 2Reiw(z). at 8---+0 n re t - z These can be written as i i ag w - dt = 2Re w(z), r at ag Re w - dt = -21m w(z). r at 1m From these equalities one obtains 2. BVP for Generalized Holomorphic Functions 1 r w ag(t - z) at dt = 2iw(z), zED. 12) we have 1 w(z) = --:- 1[ 21 r w(t) ag(t - z) dt - Bg(t - z)w(t) dl ] . 8) one has . 13) becomes the Cauchy integral formula and is called the generalized Cauchy integral formula.

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