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By Doris T. Myers

          C. S. Lewis desired to identify his final novel “Bareface.” Now Doris T. Myers’s Bareface presents a welcome research of Lewis’s final, such a lot profound, and such a lot skillfully written novel, until we now have Faces. even though many declare it truly is his most sensible novel, until we now have Faces is an intensive departure from the myth style of Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters and has been much less well known than Lewis’s past works. In Bareface, Myers provides historical past info in this tough paintings and indicates analyzing recommendations designed to make it extra available to common readers. She additionally provides a clean method of Lewis feedback for the joy of specialists.  Previous experiences have frequently handled the radical as mere delusion, ignoring Lewis’s attempt to provide the tale of Cupid and Psyche as whatever that can have occurred. Myers emphasizes the old heritage, the grounding of the characterizations in glossy psychology, and the completely real looking narrative presentation. She identifies key books in historic and medieval literature, background, and philosophy that encouraged Lewis’s considering in addition to mentioning a formerly left out affinity with William James. From this context, a clearer knowing of until we've got Faces can emerge.  Approached during this approach, the paintings could be visible as a practical twentieth-century novel utilizing modernist suggestions akin to the unreliable narrator and the manipulation of time. the main characters healthy smartly into William James’s typology of spiritual adventure, and Orual, the narrator-heroine, additionally develops the type of own adulthood defined through Carl Jung. whilst, either environment and plot offer insights into the traditional international and pre-Christian modes of thought.  Organized to facilitate looking in keeping with the reader’s own pursuits and desires, this learn is helping readers discover this complicated and sophisticated novel of their personal means. Containing clean insights that even the main skilled Lewis student will enjoy, Bareface is an accomplishment priceless of Lewis’s lifelong contemplation.

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3 For example, Iphigenia’s death at the hands of her father was a consequence of the disordered love that led to the Trojan War. Another example is the sacrifice of Psyche in the original story as told by Apuleius. , a voluptuous or scandalous romance). Since Jesus also lived during the Hellenistic period, presumably human sacrifice was no longer practiced; yet the New Testament authors refer to his death as a sacrifice, and the language is too familiar to shock twentieth-century readers. Lewis describes Psyche’s sacrifice in language that echoes Christianity but is just different enough to be troubling.

It is sacrifice, not Greek wisdom, that brings the rain and makes food grow. He taunts the Fox for having surrendered to slavery instead of fighting to the death as a free man. He then proves the depth of his own conviction by remaining still when King Trom thrusts his dagger through his clothes and into his skin. He is indifferent to death because he is wholly Ungit’s servant, wholly obedient to her will, and he has faith that her will cannot be circumvented. Orual, watching, knows and fears: “The Fox had taught me to think—at any rate to speak—of the Priest as of a mere schemer [who made Ungit say] whatever might most increase his own power.

The Fox calls Ungit the Glomish Aphrodite, but she is not the classical goddess of love. She is a fertility goddess, not a goddess of sexual pleasure. The primitive society of Glome is interested in survival—that enough plants and animals grow and enough children are born to sustain the tribe. The fertility required for survival involves sexual attraction; thus, Eros is the son of Aphrodite. However, he is not a god of sex but of being in love. Over the time between Homer and Lewis, there developed a large body of literature dealing with people’s perceptions of the relationships between sex and being in love, between physical fruitfulness and spiritual growth.

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