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Between services they are to have lunch at the squire's house. Wilfred Thorne, the squire of Ullathorne, and his sister, Miss Monica Thorne, are both unmarried and extreme conservatives. They regard families dating back only to James I with contempt. Mr Thorne regarded the repeal of the corn laws as such a betrayal that he even stopped hunting rather than consort with those who supported repeal. His sister is even more extreme than he is and can find nothing good about the modern world. The live in Ullathorne Court, a Tudor manor house, which is described in considerable detail.

Commentary More misunderstanding follows in the interview between the archdeacon and Eleanor, and the narrator's penetration of the minds of both characters allows the reader to savour the ironies of the situation. One is expecting that at last the truth will emerge, but instead we see how difficult it is to resolve human misunderstanding because of the power of preconceptions. Even now Eleanor cannot accept that she has been suspected of wishing to marry Slope and therefore says nothing to disabuse the archdeacon of his assumption, and she irrationally blames Arabin for this accusation.

Mrs Proudie's bedroom victory over Slope in the struggle for influence over the bishop ends Slope's efforts to secure the wardenship for Harding, and it also indicates that he has lost the struggle for control of the bishop. His defeat is deferred,· however, since he is able to negotiate that the bishop support him for the deanship in exchange for accepting Quiverful as warden, a favourable deal for Slope even though it might make his wooing of Eleanor more difficult. The bishop's rebellion against Mrs Proudie is now over.

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