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By Fred D'Ignazio

Comprises twenty-two brief, uncomplicated video games to take advantage of with an Atari laptop on such issues as shades, sounds, multiplication, kingdom names, spelling, fractions, and Spanish and French languages.

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If you do, why make your child copy the whole report? Instead, add a subroutine that lets the child review the report on the TV screen and then type it out automatically on a printer. There are a lot of things you can do with this program. With a few additions, it can turn your computer into the family's electronic typewriter. AlVIE For Parents and Teachers ... This game helps children learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For Kids ... When I was a child, I used to work on an arithmetic problem and then get frustrated because I didn't know if my answer was right or wrong.

The fourth subroutine (called on line 125) moves the "choice" arrow each time you press the SPACE bar. This game is played in Graphics Mode 2-with a difference. On line 105 the command POKE 756,226 changes the Mode 2 character set from numbers and upper-case letters to graphics symbols and lower-case letters. Try this in a small test program. What do you see? You see hearts-Valentine's Day hearts everywhere. The heart shape-Atari ASCII code 32-is equivalent to the space character in alternate Graphics Mode 2.

You spit the hamburger out of your mouth. Now you can talk. " you yell. " says the President. The Game ••• Program Name: BURGER 5 REM *** HAMBURGER CONTEST 10 REM MACK MCGHEE 15 REM HAM GENERATES # OF HAMBURGERS 20 REM MAN GENERATES # OF r1EN 25 REM J AND A SETS COLUMN 30 REM I SETS ROW 35 REM FF STORES PLAYER'S ANSWER TO PROB LEM 40 REM BAND T STORE NUMBER OF BURGERS A ND MEN 45 REM A$ STORES PLAYER'S RESPONSE TO PL AY AGAIN 90 DIM A$(l) 100 GRAPHICS 2+16:POKE 752,1 105 POSITION 5,4:PRINT #6;"HAMBURGER" 106 POSITION 6,6:PRINT 16;"CONTEST" 107 FOR DLAY=l TO 1000:NEXT DLAY 120 MAN=INT(RND(0)*9+1) 121 HAM=INT(RND(0)*9+1) 125 GRAPHICS 7:POKE 752,1 126 COLOR 1 129 T=HAM:ON HAM GOTO 130,131,132,133,13 49 80 ATARI IN WONDERLAND 3,134,135,136,135 130 COL=O:ROW=O:GOTO 137 131 COL=0:ROW=31:GOTO 137 132 COL=0:ROW=62:GOTO 137 133 COL=2l:ROW=31:GOTO 137 134 COL=21:ROW=62:GOTO 137 135 COL=42:ROW=62:GOTO 137 136 COL=42:ROW=3l:GOTO 137 137 FOR J=O TO COL STEP 21 138 FOR 1=0 TO ROW STEP 31 139 PLOT 90+J,10+I:PLOT 90+J,9+I:PLOT 91 +J,8+I 140 PLOT 92+J,7+I:DRAWTO 98+J,7+I:DRAWTO 100+J,9+I:PLOT 100+J,10+I 150 PLOT 90+J,14+I:PLOT 100+J,14+I:PLOT 90+J,13+I 160 PLOT 91+J,15+I:DRAWTO 99+J,15+I:PLOT 100+J,13+I 180 PLOT 89+J,ll+I:DRAWTO 10l+J,ll+I 190 PLOT 89+J,12+I:DRAWTO 101+J,12+I 191 IF HAM=4 THEN ROW=31 192 IF HAM=5 THEN ROW=62 193 IF HAM=7 OR HAM=8 THEN HAM=HAM-3 200 NEXT I 210 NEXT J 225 B=MAN 230 ON MAN GOTO 240,250,260,270,280,290, 300,310,320 240 COL=O:ROW=O:GOTO 400 250 COL=0:ROW=31:GOTO 400 260 COL=0:ROW=62:GOTO 400 270 COL=21:ROW=31:GOTO 400 280 COL=21:ROW=31:GOTO 400 290 COL=21:ROW=62:GOTO 400 300 COL=42:ROW=62:GOTO 400 310 COL=42:ROW=31:GOTO 400 320 COL=42:ROW=62:GOTO 400 400 FOR A=O TO COL STEP 21 405 FOR 1=0 TO ROW STEP 31 410 PLOT 16+A,7+I:DRAWTO 24+A,7+I 430 PLOT 25+A,8+I:DRAWTO 25+A,11+I 440 PLOT 24+A,12+I:PLOT23+A,13+I 450 PLOT 23+A,14+I:PLOT 22+A,15+I 460 PLOT 21+A,16+I:DRAWTO 19+A,16+1 THE HAMBURGER CONTEST 470 PLOT 18+A,15+1 480 PLOT 15+A,8+I:DRAWTO 15+A,II+1 490 PLOT 16+A,12+I:PLOT 17+A,13+I:PLOT 1 7+A,14+I 495 PLOT 18+A,9+I:PLOT 22+A,9+I:PLOT 20+ A,10+I 500 PLOT 20+A,II+I:PLOT 19+A,13+I:DRAWTO 21+A,13+I 506 IF MAN=4 THEN ROW=31 507 IF MAN=5 THEN ROW=62 508 IF MAN=7 OR MAN=8 THEN MAN=MAN-3 510 NEXT I 520 NEXT A 525 COLOR 2 530 PLOT 75,38:DRAWTO 80,46 540 PLOT 80,38:DRA~~O 75,46 550 TRAP 550 555 PRINT " '" 557 POKE 656,0:POKE 657,4 558 IF B=1 AND T=1 THEN PRINT "IF ";B;" PERSON EATS ";T;" BURGER,":GOTO 565 559 IF B>1 AND T=1 THEN PRINT "IF ";B;" PEOPLE EAT ";T;" BURGER EACH,":GOTO 565 560 IF B=1 AND T>1 THEN PRINT "IF ";B;" PERSON EATS ";T;" BURGERS,":GOTO 565 561 IF B>1 AND T>1 THEN PRINT "IF ";B;" PEOPLE EAT ";T;" BURGERS EACH,":GOTO 565 565 PRINT 567 POKE 657,4:PRINT "HOW MANY BURGERS A RE EATEN";:INPUT FF 570 IF FF=B*T THEN GRAPHICS O:POKE 752,1 :GOSUB 1010:GOTO 595 580 IF FF<>B*T THEN GRAPHICS O:POKE 752, I:GOSUB 2010:GOTO 125 595 GRAPHICS O:POKE 752,1 600 POSITION 13,8:PRINT "PLAY AGAIN";:IN PUT A$ 610 IF A$="Y" THEN 120 615 IF A$<>"N" THEN 595 620 GRAPHICS O:POKE 752,0:END 81 S8 ATARI IN WONDERLAND Background ...

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