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Астрология и ее применения в условиях современного мира. Времена проходят и уходят, но остаются звезды и вселенная. Остаются извечные законы мироздания, влияния планет на судьбы людей. Англоязычный автор пишет о взаимоотношениях науки астрологии и мирового сообщества, каждого индивидуума, каждого человека.

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The Karma Yogi will perform this act regardless of consequcnceiI he "knows" - with a knowledge beyond reason, tradition, fcar or anticipation that it is for him the stepjust alead. The willing readinessto facc any crisis and in general 10 live up to the hilt one's recognized and accepted dcstiny is not ordinarily for-md among human beings. espetially in our Permiss;vc. hedonistic and comforl-oriented society. lt has never bcen widcspread at any timc, and it is be cause of this that the Hindu 3unr has to play in the life of his disciples a role which the lattcr Ast/obg 6 Katu roed 107 usually fail to understand and, eveD if thcy do so, ' 'precipitates'' thc rarely appreciate.

QI U Eyent-Oriented and Petson-Centered AsEology In the first essayoI this series, "Astrology lor New Minds" two fundamentally diflerent approaches to astrology were ddined: the event-odented and the person-centeredapproach. Let me briefly aestatewhat these two approache6are. llybuilt by men who in variou: countriesnoticed dtat certain ddisite typ€s of evcnts around them occurred at tlre time whetr they also observed celestial pherromcna referring to the relative positions of the Sun, tlre Moon and the planets, and to t}re reappe€ranceof some prominent stars at the horizon.

Fdm5 combine. ing on the comb;nation ol dynamic lorm). and page 94: ". . prs of what is real. They tcll u! , in thc unsdn and the unheard. Wc hav. to think about the bchavio! ol atonE in t€rms of dvnamic form. " Thc dynamic asp€ct of th6c fornE consists largcly of vibration widr hamnic rclations that arc in many qays similar to thc halmonic r€latioc found iD And he adds in his Prefacc(pagc 9): or idca! cn rcplaccd by a synrax of dynanic fornt! opcrating in a space-tinr€ domain th. tery. To sum up lhc naturc of this scientific revolution in a singlc phrale.

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