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By Martha C. Nussbaum

The purpose of this publication is to invite via a learn of 1 of his most complex treatises on clarification, how some distance, and in what feel, the calls for of the 'scientific individual' are Aristotle's.

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The fact that ordinary men continue to speak of forms and goals is no reason why we should not dis­ pense with these inconveniences in favor of a more basic mate­ rial account. But you do not simply insist on a plurality of explanations. ): D: Aristotle, you have worked out a very elaborate account of scientific explanation, but it seems to me a most uneconomical and unscientific one. 6 "Since there are four kinds of explanation, the natural scientist ought to know about all of them, and if he makes use of all of them (where possible and relevant), he will answer the 'why' question in a manner befitting a scientist" {Ph.

As for the 35 fact that as a result of the same thoughts there is some­ times an irrational movement in the parts, sometimes not, the reason for this is that sometimes the passive matter is present in the right quantity and quality, and 704" sometimes not. We have now discussed the reasons for the parts of each animal, the soul, and also sense-perception, sleep, memory, and movement in general. It remains to speak 704b of generation. TEXT AND TRANSLATION ire

Accord­ ingly, the extremity of the forearm is moved without imparting movement, while in the elbow-joint the one part, which lies in the whole segment that is being moved, is moved, but there must also be something unmoved; which is what we mean by saying that it is 30 potentially one point, but becomes actually two. e. of the living creature's activities). But since it is possible for some lifeless thing to have this same relation to the hand, as, for example, if some­ one should move a staff in his hand, it is clear that the soul would not be in either of the endpoints—neither 35 in the endpoint of what is moved, nor in the other origin (for the stick has both an origin and an endpoint with reference to the hand).

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