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Книга Aristotle And ethical Realism Aristotle And ethical Realism Книги Психология, философия Автор: Robert A Heinaman Год издания: 1998 Формат: pdf Издат.:Westview Press Страниц: 248 Размер: 21,5 Mb ISBN: 0813391040 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:The query of ethical realism—whether our moral ideals leisure on a few goal foundation—is one who mattered as a lot to Aristotle because it does to us this present day, and his writings in this subject proceed to supply idea for the modern debate. This quantity of essays expands the fruitful dialog between students of historical philosophy and modern moral theorists in this query and similar matters comparable to the virtues, justice, and Aristotle’s thought of tragedy.The distinct members to this quantity increase and make clear either Aristotle’s perspectives and the modern debates. This booklet makes an immense contribution to either themes, and it'll be crucial interpreting for all philosophers and classicists with an curiosity in ethical philosophy and Greek ethics.

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I certainly have some sympathy with some interpretations of that notoriously difficult doctrine, but in order to get as much of it as I want I do not, I think, need to claim that the goods or ends pursued by the courageous and temperate are all related to the other virtues, All I need is the assumption that the goods in question are real, not merely apparent, goods - just as, please note, we assume that the benefit aimed at by the liberal and munificent is real, not apparent, benefit, and the pleasure and pain aimed at and avoided by the amiable is real not apparent pleasure and pain, and the good of one's friend aimed at is a real good, and so on.

I do not agree with Williams that temperance is a "tedious Aristotelian ideal", so I talk in terms of it, not self-control. But nothing I say in disagreement with him hangs on this. 24 ROSALIND HURSTHOUSE way that it is as true of the courageous and the temperate as it is of the liberal, the sincere, the agent with the virtue ofphilia, and so on. So it is over the nature of X reasons that I particularly disagree with Williams, and that is what I shall explore. Like Williams, I think of X reasons as those that enable us to understand "what it is about the situation and the action that makes this action in this situation something that would seem to [an agent with a particular virtue] the appropriate thing to do," (p, 17).

The application of the mathematical structure of analogy to the virtue of justice, dearly articulated by Aristotle9 and largely taken up by the subsequent tradition, is what we will call the Aristotelian model of justice, even though, as we will see, it is not the only one that Aristotle proposed. The proportional principle justifies unequal persons receiving unequal shares. Rather than using theoretical arguments directly to 9, Relating the analogy or geometrical equality to justice goes back at least to Plato, Cf.

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