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Individuals with Asperger Syndrome have many features which are often obvious in a adverse gentle. Brenda Boyd exhibits that for each attribute of AS that may be checked out negatively, there are a number of good points that may be drawn on and built. Discussing AS typically phrases, she talks throughout the the explanation why individuals with AS process lifestyles within the manner they do, and what a major contribution they make to the realm. She then explores diversified features of AS; whereas she recognizes the destructive notion such a lot of humans have of those features, she issues out the massive variety of merits to the Aspergers frame of mind for people with AS, these round them and society as a complete. for each destructive, Boyd proves there are lots of extra positives. From their clean honesty to their originality and capability to turn into leaders instead of fans, individuals with AS have many admirable character qualities that are supposed to be nurtured. This booklet exhibits that by means of adjusting our perceptions of what's 'normal' and embracing variety, AS can't merely be understood and permitted, yet liked. Appreciating Asperger Syndrome is a party of AS which might be learn by means of people with AS, kinfolk, and someone who is familiar with or works professionally with people with AS.

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Or IT maybe. Or perhaps you are an artist. It could be any number of things. But for the sake of the illustration let’s take it that you are a musician. You do actually ‘have AS’ in the sense that if you were to get an assessment you would amply fit the criteria, but you have never been diagnosed. Maybe you have never even considered it as a possibility. You may have had social difficulties all your life, but you have masked them well and kept them to yourself to a large degree. Sometimes these problems get on top of you, but you are so used to them that you take them to be normal, and just see them as part of who you are.

It is not an explanation. Now we are going to have to try to get beneath the surface and understand it! Given the right opportunity, environment and encouragement, an AS under-performer can go on to achieve success in later years. 55 Chapter 4 WRONG PLANET SYNDROME A COMMON BOND In the last chapter we saw that Asperger Syndrome is like a big umbrella covering a wide range of people who can, at least to outward appearances, be extremely different to each other. But behind the appearances, they must all have something in common.

So when Kenneth gave me the answer he did, he was behaving like a teenager. And yes, he is a typical teen – only more so. That is a crucial point. 32 BUMPING INTO LAMP POSTS AND STEPPING ON TOES The difference between AS and ‘normality’ is often just one of degree. Moderation does not come easily to the person with Asperger Syndrome. It is actually hard to find anything in Asperger Syndrome that is not in all of us. And that is really good news because, at least in theory, it should make AS easier to understand.

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