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The character of those will depend on conditions. A volume of electrical energy should be discharged via a compound liquid and the consequences produced will be chemical, heating, and magnetic. The liquid will be decomposed ;it will be heated via the passage of the electrical energy ;and approximately it there will be a magnetic box. but when an analogous volume be discharged via a cord there could in simple terms be results produced, the heating and the magnetic. A achieve, if an analogous volume be at relaxation on a physique there'll be no facts of any of those results ;but it may be shewn that the physique is in a position to attracting to itself any gentle debris of subject, and of repelling different our bodies equally charged with electrical energy. This charged physique wouldn't be heated by means of the resident electrical energy; there will be no signal of any magnetic box in its neighbourhood ;and if the cost have been resident on a liquid there will be no chemical impact therefore. those are trouble-free proof and are summed up within the assertion that the phenomena of electrical energy in movement are diverse from these of electrical energy at relaxation upon our bodies. while a physique is charged with electrical energy it's in a position to doing paintings it can allure mild debris of subject or repel equally charged our bodies and it for this reason possesses strength as well as its gravitational power. this extra strength is electric power and is dependent upon the volume of electrical energy and the potential for the physique. P. Y.
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Whilst required. these instruments could be used for the reading of larger currents, they would provide a greater degree of accuracy than is required for everyday work and would always require the attention of someone more or less skilled in the manipulation of delicate instruments. MEASUREMENT OF CURRENT STRENGTH 25 In practical work the strength of a current is measured by an instrument which indicates with a pointer moving over a These practical inscale the current strength in amperes. a contraction of amperestruments are called ammeters meters and in use are introduced in series into the circuit in which it is desired to measure the current.

The instrument is called a multi-cellular voltmeter, and is illusThe pointer moves over trated diagrammatically by Fig. 20. common ELECTRO-MOTIVE-FORCE AND ITS MEASUREMENT 49 a horizontal circular scale at the top of the instrument OP bent at the end to move over a vertical scale. The needle is is rendered dead-beat by means of a pierced ivory disc at the bottom of the needle, which is immersed in a vessel of oil Fig. 20. This arrangement is called a dash pot. The Tension voltmeter is not dead-beat, but an insulated High rod is arranged at the top marked in Fig.

F. F. per degree centigrade. There are, of course, no means taken for the prevention of The cell is not intended to generate currents polarisation. F. Thus in practice one should always use a high resistance something not less than 10,000 ohms in series with the cell, to ensure that in no case can a current pass through the cell of sufficient strength to produce And again, since the cell does not generate and is hermetically sealed, it should be currents appreciable polarisation. practically everlasting.

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