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By Kathleen Freeman

This ebook is an entire translation of the fragments of the pre-Socratic philosophers given within the 5th variation of Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.

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16. (Love and Hate): As they were formerly, so also will they be, and never, I think, shall infinite Time be emptied of these two. 17. I shall tell of a double (process): at one time it increased so as to be a single One out of Many; at another time again it grew apart so as to be Many out of One. There is a double creation of mortals and a double decline: the union of all things causes the birth and destruction of the one (race of mortals), the other is reared as the elements grow apart, and then flies asunder.

Thus Coming-into-Being is quenched, and Destruction also into the unseen. 1 Nor is Being divisible, since it is all alike. Nor is there anything (here or) there which could prevent it from holding together, nor any lesser thing, but all is full of Being. Therefore it is altogether continuous; for Being is close to Being. But it is motionless in the limits of mighty bonds, without beginning, without cease, since Becoming and Destruction have been driven very far away, and true conviction has rejected them.

E. grows according to its needs). 116. All men have the capacity of knowing themselves and acting with moderation. 117. A man, when he gets drunk, is led stumbling along by an immature boy, not knowing where he is going, having his soul wet. 118. A dry (desiccated) soul is the wisest and best. 119. Character for man is destiny. 120. The limits of morning and evening are the Bear and, p. 33 36 opposite the Bear, the boundary-mark of Zeus god of the clear sky. 121. ' 122. (Word for) Approximation.

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