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Philipp Meisen introduces a version, a question language, and a similarity degree permitting clients to investigate time period info. The brought instruments are mixed to layout and notice a data process. The provided method is able to acting analytical projects (avoiding any form of summarizability problems), offering insights, and visualizing effects processing hundreds of thousands of durations inside milliseconds utilizing an intuitive SQL-based question language. the guts of the answer relies on numerous bitmap-based indexes, which permit the process to deal with large quantities of time period data. 

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The analyst uses the information system to query, interact, or understand the time interval dataset and additionally configure and model the system (which is a cross-sectional task, and therefore not illustrated). 17: The result of the workshops regarding the time interval data analysis process. The process starts with the collection of time interval data from an available and configured source. , load data once into the system to analyze the set). The information system processes the incoming data using defined data integration techniques (step: "Processed Data").

This interface enables an analyst to apply techniques prior to using additional data integration tools. In addition, the interface might even be used to trigger a more complex integration process defined with a proprietary integration tool (cf. Meisen et al. (2012)). 1. Regarding the used model introduced in chapter 4, the feature request DI-02 is partly covered by so called mapping functions (cf. 2). In addition, the final implementation provides additional strategies to fulfill the request (cf.

To achieve that, Google introduced the concept of leap smear. , the last minute before midnight), instead of waiting or shorting the last minute. It was mainly introduced, so that developers and engineers can rely on the system time without considering leap seconds at all. , the clock or internal counter does not display nor handle leap seconds. Instead, the second is added by counting the last second of the minute the leap second is scheduled for twice. Summarized it can be stated that leap seconds may influence the results of temporal analytics.

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