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By Gary C. White

With the significant advances within the miniaturization of digital parts, natural world biologists now frequently computer screen the hobbies of free-ranging animals with radio-tracking units. This e-book explicates the various analytical thoughts and machine courses to be had to extract organic info from the radio monitoring facts. Key Features:* Presentation of software program courses for fixing particular problems* Read more...

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This pro­ gram avoids determining the order of the four corners of the error polygon by calculating the area of the two triangles that make up the polygon. This pro­ gram could be used to process a file of bearings to produce a file of the esti­ mates of animal locations. The area of the error polygon is a measure of the precision of the point estimate derived from the intersection of two bearings. For any pair of bear­ ings, the precision of the estimates of a transmitter's location is a function of the distance from the towers taking the bearings, the precision of the bearings from the receivers to the transmitter, and the angle of intersection of the two bearings (Springer 1979).

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