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In practice this means a weak core (such as expanded polystyrene) with thick low-strength faces (such as asbestos cement). It is worth noting, however, that the further the functions ψ depart from unity, the more the sandwich behaves as two separate beams (the 33 SANDWICH BEAMS faces) unconnected by the core. Since the whole purpose of sandwich construction is to minimize this effect by having a core rigid enough to make one face work principally in compression, the other in tension, it is clear that values of θ much smaller than 20 signify an inefficient structure.

A s before, θ can be found from Fig. 11. 8. Beam with Four-point Loading (Antiplane Core and Thick Faces) A n ordinary homogeneous beam with four-point loading is illustrated in Fig. 14a. The central region is subjected to a constant bending moment — WLb and it therefore bends into a circular arc o f curvature +WLb/EL This fact is often used to determine the flexural rigidity EI of a simple beam, usually by measuring the deflections o f three different points in the central region. SANDWICH BEAMS 37 The method is also used to determine the flexural rigidity o f sandwich beams, on the assumption that because there is no shear force in the central region, there can be no shear deflection there and the deformation is one o f pure bending.

28)) and Qi itself is equal to — EIw[" by definition. g. they are not attached to a rigid end-diaphragm) the boundary conditions are W l = Η>ί' = 0 at χ = 0, L. These conditions are fulfilled by a sinusoidal displacement, wi = αϊ sin — . 11) 52 ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURAL SANDWICH PANELS This is the critical load, because non-zero displacements are possible. £g. e. when the core is absent). Pc may be described as the shear buckling load; it is numerically equal to the shear stiffness AG. 13) f Pc The significance of this expression is illustrated in Fig.

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