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By Jeffrey Hoffstein, Jill Pipher, Joseph H. Silverman

An advent to Mathematical Cryptography presents an creation to public key cryptography and underlying arithmetic that's required for the topic. all the 8 chapters expands on a particular zone of mathematical cryptography and offers an intensive record of exercises.

It is an acceptable textual content for complicated scholars in natural and utilized arithmetic and laptop technology, or the e-book can be used as a self-study. This booklet additionally offers a self-contained therapy of mathematical cryptography for the reader with restricted mathematical background.

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These books describe not only simple substitution and transposition ciphers, but also the first recorded instance of a homophonic substitution cipher, which is a cipher in which a single plaintext letter may be represented by any one of several possible ciphertext letters. More importantly, they contain the first description of serious methods of cryptanalysis, including the use of letter frequency counts and the likelihood that certain pairs of letters will appear adjacent to one another. Unfortunately, most of this knowledge seems to have disappeared by the 17th century.

More importantly, the next to last column gives the values of −v and u (in that order). Thus in this example we find that 73 · 12 − 25 · 35 = 1. 3. 3. Modular arithmetic 19 In general, if a and b are relatively prime and if q1 , q2 , . . 2 on page 13, then the box has the form 0 1 q1 1 P1 0 Q1 q2 P2 Q2 ... ... qt−1 Pt−1 Qt−1 qt a b The entries in the box are calculated using the initial values P 1 = q1 , P2 = q2 · P1 + 1, Q1 = 1, Q2 = q2 · Q1 , and then, for i ≥ 3, using the formulas Pi = qi · Pi−1 + Pi−2 and Qi = qi · Qi−1 + Qi−2 .

16 There are in fact many primes in the interval 2159 < p < 2160 . The prime number theorem implies that almost 1% of the numbers in this interval are prime. Of course, there is also the question of identifying a number as prime or composite. There are efficient tests that do this, even for very large numbers. 4. 42 1. An Introduction to Cryptography It is clear that Eve has a hard time guessing k, since there are approximately 2160 possibilities from which to choose. Is it also difficult for Eve to recover k if she knows the ciphertext c?

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