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By Tomoyoshi Nozaki, Alok Bhattacharya

This publication records and offers new advancements within the examine of amebiasis, one of many overlooked tropical illnesses. approximately 50 million humans around the globe are contaminated with the pathogen Entamoeba histolytica, inflicting large-scale morbidity and mortality quite in constructing nations. This publication can assist clinicians for greater analysis and administration of the illness, researchers for starting up examine initiatives on a number of the poorly understood features of the affliction and the pathogen, and scholars for updating their wisdom. the themes lined diversity from genomics and molecular and phone biology to drug resistance and new drug improvement, highlighting significant advances in recent times in our realizing because of fast growth in genomic and different biomedical applied sciences, reminiscent of visualization of molecular approaches. lots of the chapters offer fresh details according to most modern courses. a number of chapters describe a number of the serious methodological concerns that would be important for college kids and researchers drawn to moving into the sector. The contributing authors contain just about all the lively researchers and clinicians from world wide. This ebook could be an invaluable fundamental fabric and a priceless resource of knowledge for someone drawn to knowing amebiasis, its prognosis, and remedy. it's going to even be precious to people who have an interest in studying in regards to the biology of early branching eukaryotes and protist pathogens.

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