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By Eli Biham, Adi Shamir (auth.), Donald W. Davies (eds.)

This lawsuits quantity comprises revised types of papers awarded at an open workshop on sleek cryptology held in Brighton, united kingdom, April 1991. The workshop was once the most recent in a chain of workshops on cryptology which started in Santa Barbara in 1981 and was once via a ecu counterpart in 1982. Following the culture of the sequence, papers have been invited within the type of prolonged abstracts and have been reviewed by means of the programme committee, which chosen these to be offered. After the assembly, the complete papers have been produced which shape the most a part of the quantity. The papers are equipped into sections on cryptanalysis, 0 wisdom and oblivious move, sequences, signatures, conception, S-box standards, functions, and public key cryptography, and a bit containing brief "rump consultation" papers.

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For any n-bit number z , let z' denote the n-bit complement of L . We also introduce some notation for the difference of two 16-bit numbers 21,z2 under the group operations 0 and B. , 62 = 21 0 z i ' , a z = z1 El - z2. Then, for any 16-bit number k, (21 0 k) 0 ( ( ~ ffl 1 0k)-' = 62, ~ 2 k) B - (22 I3 k) = 8%. Suppose Sz = 21 0 2;' = 0, where we recall that 216 is represented by the integer 0 for the operation Then for zl,z2 4 (0, l}, 0. ) + Because zl and z2 are positive 16-bit numbers, we have z1 t2 = 216 t 1.

From the MA-box result ( A . 2 ) ,it follows that 91 + 92 = 0 (mod 216) =+ tl + t z = 1 (mod 216). ,o,p'), + for some [16 - ( I l)]-bit number 7 and p E {0,1}. Thus, for a given I, e;,gi and t i all have the forms specified above with probability 2-3'. Hence, e i , g , and 1; all have the forms specified above for some 1 with probability 15 12-31 1 ?. I=1 Thus, with probability $, we simultaneously obtain two results. 0, 8 @ p ) so that v1 = v2 and hence d v = 0. 0,4 @ p') + so that x1 xz = 1 (mod 216) and hence 6x = 0.

20 and where Y(i) and Y * ( i )for (0 < i < r ) are the outputs of the i-th round, which are also the inputs to the (i+l)-th round. The subkey for the i-th round is denoted as Z(i), In the following discussion, we always assume that X # X' because, when X = X', all AY(i) would equal the neutral element e of the group, which case is of no interest for differential cryptanalysis. Differential cryptanalysis exploits the fact that the round function f in an iterated cipher is usually cryptographically weak.

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