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This education guide covers all features of accomplishing a actual covert surveillance on the way to assemble intelligence and proof.

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It may be wise to carry a change of clothing with you, such as a lightweight or reversible jacket or a hat. A plastic carrier bag in your pocket can be used io put your jacket in, thus changing your overall appearance. lf you have long hair, you could wear it down and then tie it back with a bobble. You may wish to change your appearance by wearing a baseball cap, this is okay but do not continually put it on and off. The target may notice these frequeni changes in appearance and so confirm suspicions.

You have to act naturally and someone in a phone box not using the phone looks suspicious ' lf you cannot hold the position for too long, get another team member to take over . After the Standby, you should be able to be picked up by a mobile unit or return to your own vehicle e lf there is no cover but you still have to deploy a footman, do so with cau tion. You will get away with it so long as you have a reason for being there. 44 PLANNING & PREPARATION On a previous survei/lance, we had to identify the driver of a car as he left a de sac.

Wiil drive and mntrol the vehicre whilst the other operates th" ,"dio on foot when 'equired' This way the responsibilities are shared "noilproys between the crew and in some ''espects makes life easier for each individual, although going ,two up,does have ms drawbacks' within military surveillance organisationl arid especially on the a'nvate and commercial surveillance circuit, surveillance is often carried out s;ngle-handed or ,one up,. si/hen working 'one up' ail of your skiils have to be on the bail.

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