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Only recently have many universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, admitted such studies as psychology and sociology to the circle of academic sciences, and only in the last year has the National Science Foundation begun to direct research funds through a specifically assigned branch, as in the older sciences. Meanwhile, the practical leaders actually in charge of social affairs — administrators and elected political representatives—are disinclined to aid what they view, in many cases with justice, as the activities of impractical reformers or emotional revolutionaries impertinently disguised as scientists.

Authority may be highly desirable —in medicine, for example, where there are professional and quack treatments, in scholarship, where authorities recognize, for example, correct and incorrect translations, and so on. Indeed, the aim of knowledge is to clarify authority. On the other hand, authoritarian interference with harmless freedoms may stultify the growth of individual character or convert social progress from an evolutionary to a wasteful, hate-producing revolutionary mode. 34 T h e Origins of Present Uncertainty and Confusion These few words must suffice for the present to warn that w e have no intention of accepting here the game of stereotypes —liberal, fascist, free, communist, etc.

1 MORAL CONFUSION AND THE RECESSION OF REVEALED RELIGIONS The argument to this point has been essentially that, in spite of the powerful grip on the emotional thinking of man which religion and the arts have acquired, the only dependable path toward clarifying that which art and religion seek to understand is the path of scientific method. Our emotional life needs to be shaped afresh, in sanity, from this new source. But the proposition is strange to most ears, and at this juncture in history will kindle enthusiasm only in a minority.

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