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For example, the hypothesis predicts that the two NPs in the sentence (46) (b) can alternate their relative scope order, since the a fragment, or the transitive verb visited, is a c-constituent and the b fragment, or the entire sentence, is also a c-constituent. This correctly results in two readings. (48) Three Frenchmen visited and will invite ve Russians. 2 Control Verbs Sentence (49) (a) has the raising verb seems, and (b) has the equi verb tries. (49) (a) Every man seems to admire some woman.

39 The di erence between these readings and the earlier ones is that in earlier ones, the semantics of the fragment seems to admire works as a relation between two groups of individuals, whereas in the present readings, the semantics of seems is applied to the set of relations for admires between two groups of individuals. We will consider this matter unrelated to the phenomena at hand though, since it is a further special characteristics of the raising (or equi) verb, just like the verb seeks introduces an opaque context and intensionality to the sentential semantics.

3 33 Hypothesis 1 quantificational readings: Consider the following surface structure of a grammatical sentence, in which the fragment A includes everything between NP1 and NP2, and the fragment B includes NP1, A, NP2, and nothing else: z B }| { NP1 | {z } NP2 A : In quanti cational readings, quanti ers inside NP1 and those inside NP2 can alternate their relative scope order i both A and B are phonologically realized c-constituents. In these readings, quanti ers inside A are outscoped by all the quanti ers that are inside NP1 and NP2 .

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