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Astronomy is increasing virtually as speedily because the universe itself, and the proliferating medical jargon can occasionally baffle even the main devoted novice. Now, in a few 4,000 concise, updated entries, this dictionary cuts a transparent direction throughout the maze of advanced technical language, supplying complete, transparent definitions drawn from all elements of astronomy. Compiled by means of Ian Ridpath, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and knowledgeable staff of members, A Dictionary of Astronomy includes the latest entries from astrophysics and cosmology to galaxies and time.
listed below are succinct definitions for the massive Bang idea, comets, eclipses, Magellanic Clouds, Mars, quasar, relativity, and variable stars. Entries on telescopes and different measuring units, observatories, area missions, and lately named sun method gadgets express how astronomers have explored the universe. The Dictionary additionally presents biographical entries on eminent astronomers from Copernicus to Edwin Hubble.
From black gap to white dwarf, and from spiral galaxies to sun waves, A Dictionary of Astronomy opens a window at the universe for beginner astronomers far and wide.

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